With over 50+ combined years in Marketing & Sales, UI Development and Business Technology; the FrontRow team is here to help you create and implement custom Systems & Operations for scalable growth by utilizing our First Principle approach.

CEO & Founder:

Darling Ngoh

Heading up the design and strategy side of FrontRow, Darling believes in being involved in both the planning and execution stages of projects. With a keen eye for detail, he keeps the team on course and ensures our work is up to first principle standards. His background of marketing and design makes him a double threat who is able to recognize opportunities, make smart business decisions, and foster a creative environment for day-to-day operations.

Administrative Director:

Joemar Menes

As an Information Technology, Programming, and Hardware servicing Graduate. Joemar is the front line of defense for keeping everything running smoothly as FrontRows administrative manager. From answering client invoice questions, to being our resident tech guru, to making sure that we never run out of hilarious jokes, Joemar is always there to help.

Marketing & Sales Director:

Vishesh Malik

Vishesh joins the team at FrontRow with diverse experience in digital and traditional marketing. From high-level strategic planning to hands-on endeavors like SEO and conversion rate optimization audits, he’s been bringing passion to his work crafting strategic digital experiences for more than a decade. Vishesh leverages his experience in industries which include healthcare, legal, automotive, education, B2B technology, and more to combine creativity and best practices to bring clients a strategic mix of the best of both worlds.

PR & Branding Director:

Jenny Tajrin

As FrontRow’s branding Manager, Jenny Tajrin uses data and analytics to draw conclusions and make educated decisions on difficult long term company goals. Her background in psychology and convention marketing provides a fun and unique outlook for problem-solving and strategizing. Jenny helps businesses of all sizes maximize ROI by using data-driven strategy and branding best practices to build campaigns and awareness. Her extensive experience with email marketing, social media, content creation and more allows her to develop awareness campaigns and drive conversions for clients.

Senior UI/UX Developer:

Manoj Kumar

As a Web Designing and Development specialist, Manoj has developed and designed over 500 websites and counting. Manoj puts a laser focus on user experience when he’s coding a website. He loves design but has no time for a pretty site that doesn’t work. Because of his strong commitment to function over form, he’s not going to jump on the hottest new trend in web dev unless it offers an actual benefit to the end-user.

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